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Asparagine (Asn)

SI UNITS (recommended)


* The SI units is the recommended method of reporting clinical laboratory results

2-Amino-3-carbamoylpropanoic acid
Units of measurement
µmol/L, mg/L, mg/dL, mg/100mL, mg%, µg/mL

Asparagine was first isolated in 1806 from asparagus juice, naturally, from where it got its name, becoming the first amino acid to be isolated. Asparagine is one of the principal and frequently the most abundant of the amino acids involved in the transport of nitrogen. Asparagine is the b-amide of aspartic acid synthesized from aspartic acid and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The main function of asparagine is converting one amino acid into another via amination, the process by which an amine group is introduced into an organic molecule, and transamination, the reaction when an amino acid is transferred to an a-ketoacid. Asparagine is required by the nervous system and plays an important role in the synthesis of ammonia.

Units description
Micromole per literµmol/L = mcmol/L = umol/L = µM/L = mcM/L = uM/L = micromol/L
Milligram per litermg/L = millig/L = milligram/L = mg/liter
Milligram per decilitermg/dL = millig/dL = milligram/dL
Milligram per 100 millilitersmg/100mL = millig/100mL = milligram/100mL
Milligram percentmg% = millig% = milligram%
Microgram per milliliterµg/mL = mcg/mL = ug/mL= microg/mL = microgram/mL

Lab units Conversion Calculator. Convert Asparagine (Asn) level to µmol/L, mg/L, mg/dL, mg/100mL, mg%, µg/mL . Clinical laboratory units online conversion from conventional or traditional units to Si units. Table of conversion factors for Asparagine (Asn).